Wills School For iPhone

*****Wills School 2012 Opening ~*****

* Lovely word card learning class
* Exam chanllenges class
* Funny game class
* Music class
All class in Wills school’s spring semester.

Let’s play,learn and enjoy with your kids and penguin Wills!!

*****Chinese,English and Japanese word card learning class*****

* Bopomo Learning Cards(Chinese phonetic symbols)
- List of phonetic symbols.
- Rich and lovely vegetables, fruits and plants images.
- Happy to learn Chinese phonetic and Chinese characters.

* Letter Learning Cards(English letter)
- Alphabetical List.
- A wealth of animal and cute insects images.
- Children learn the 26 English letters and English words with cute animals.

* Japsnese Letter Learning Cards(Japanese letter)
- 50 phonetic list.
- Rich and diverse cute pictures.
- Daily life of the character cards are easy to learn.

* In addition, add the writing board function for children.
- Help children writing and memory.

*****Exam Class*****
- The lovely interface
- The funny and interesting sound effects.
- All exam from learning class

*****Game Class*****
- Chinese, English and Japanese fun games
- Mazes, memory flop, witty, to increase the ability of logic and memory
- Fun, natural training
- Help basic logic and memory capacity

***** Music class****
-Pronunciation practice
-Sound recording
-Racing game

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