The terrific memory game for players with keen ears and nimble fingers! It brings the Call of the Wild to your iPhone or iPad.

Prick up your ears and find matches with the same sound! wildTunes is intelligent playing fun that trains hearing and your memory. All animal sounds that are used in the game are available at the iTunes Store.

wildTunes makes your iPhone „wild“ with
– original wild animal sounds from the Animal Sound Archive of the Museum for Natural History in Berlin,
– brilliant animal photos by renowned professionals,
– and exciting information on every animal

wildTunes benefits
wildTunes supports the Harapan Rainforest Project! It gives hope for many endangered species, such as the last Sumatran Tigers, who strongly depend on the protection of this forest for their survival.
The Indonesian foundation Yayasan KEHI will protect and restore Harapan Rainforest in close partnership with the German nature conservation organisation NABU and its British BirdLife partner, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). Read more:
www.nabu.de/en/themen/international/laender/indonesien/harapan/. This international NABU activity is not sponsored by Apple.


In the beginning, it’s as easy as pie!

* Simply tap on the moving playing cards listen to wild animal sounds and find matches with the same sound!
* Whoever finds a match can listen to the animal sound in its entirety, look at brilliant animal photos and read exciting information about every animal.

Slowly, it gets a little more difficult:

* The number of playing cards increases, they move about and the allotted time gets shorter and shorter!
* Now you have to listen closely, keeping the playing cards within view and making sure to tap on them quickly.

Things really start to warm up at the most difficult level:

* Now, it’s not only about finding matching sounds more quickly, now the object is to find matching pairs by identifying two sounds from the same species of wild animal, which may or may not sound identical. Just the thing for trained ears and skilled players!

Please note:

* All wild animal sounds that are used in the wildTunes game are available for iPhone at iTunes.

This wildtunes activity is not sponsored by Apple.


Copyright © by Oertel + Fufler GbR, All rights reserved.

wildTunes was designed and implemented by Alphablind Studio www.alphablind.com.

The ANIMAL SOUNDS in the game are original sound documents from the world-renowned Animal Sound Archive of the Museum for Natural History in Berlin.

The PHOTOS are taken by professional wildlife photographers: www.birdphoto.fi, www.naturfotografie-digital.de, www.Naturfoto-online.de and www.naturephoto-cz.com!

The SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION is concentrated on the sounds of the wild animal species. All original texts were written in German by Gundula Christiane Oertel; the English translations are by Kenton Turk.

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