Wild Ants Lite

Troublesome Ants are ready to challenge your reflexes. Are you ready?

Ants are sometime troublesome. But if they are Wild, it is even tougher to manage their invasion.
Wild Ants are really hungry and they will do anything to eat the food grains.

A tug of war is ensured on your iPhone. Wild Ants are ready to attack your food grains, and they appear in different colors and different forms.
Each Ant is programmed differently to attack the food grains, and can tackle your moves at ease. This keeps you head over heels to kill them and save your food grains.
There are colored ants and bugs to keep up the challenge. There are power ups to help you kill them at a shot.

Wild Ants are really here waiting for you to load the grains.

• Excellent animation and background score
• Bonus item will get enabled after scoring certain points
• User friendly touch interface

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