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WHOA? is a hilarious social game, mixing the games of Pictionnary and Telephone. Here’s how it goes:

-The first player writes something (weird or bizarre works best)
-The next player draws a picture of the first player’s note
-The third player only sees the drawing and must describe it in text
The fourth player draws the third player’s note
-On and on it goes, until hilarity ensues!

Show your artistic talents and your imagination, and check out the hilarious results of your games, as they get completely deformed and take a life of their own. Play with your friends and compare your wits!

**Join us on Facebook! Search for WHOA? or head over to www.2xmlabs.com/whoa to become a fan!

You may have already played this game socially or on the Web, and exists under many different names: The Best Game in the World, The Sentence Game, The Paper Game, Telephone Pictionary, Meanwhile, Pictophone, Pictodash, Telepictionary, Paper Telephone, Fax machine, Descriptionary, Eat Poop You Cat, Writesy Drawsy, Cell Phone, Pictelephone, Pictotelephonary, Broken Picture Telephone, Descriptophone, Picture Consequences, Piccon, Storyboards, and Telenary Pictophone.

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