Who's Hiding?

Designed by a kindergarten teacher, Who’s Hiding is fun and simple peek-a-boo game that invites word anticipation and allows preschoolers to make predictions. Charming illustrations reveal a variety of creatures that will amuse and surprise again and again.

“We got this for our 1.5 yr old but our 3 year old daughter loves this game even more. She sat there going through all the animals. Good concept.”
– Adubious

“Who’s Hiding is a cute app for the toddler crowd.”
– The iPhone Mom

With 25 beautifully designed animals and 3 soothing soundtracks, your child will have a blast identifying a wide range of animals just by seeing the tip of each animal’s nose! Great for kids aged 1-5.

Your child can play to the soothing tunes of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Bear Went Over the Mountain or Ten Little Indians.

Who’s Hiding? is a fun and educational game that lets your toddler guess what animal is hiding under the blanket. Not sure about the hidden animal? Tap the sound button to play a clue.

With a simple swipe, your child will be able to see if his/her guess is right! Once the animal is revealed, tap the screen again and again to see a fun animation with the sound of the animal.

* Simple, extremely intuitive interface
* 25 beautifully designed animals
* 3 soothing soundtracks
* Teach your preschooler word anticipation

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