***OUT NOW*** WHO WANTS TO BE A USA BILLIONAIRE HD 2014 is a fun loving quiz game for everyone. You will love to play this game. This amazing quiz game provides challenging questions from almost every area. Want to face the challenge,show your talent, your knowledge, its the time to think beyond your imagination. One of the toughest and most interesting game out there. You will love to play this game for sure.
Best of luck.

Features :
-Quality Questions to play.
-Explore your Knowledge about USA.
-Game Consists of 15 Questions to play at a time. After every question player’s interest increases.
-HD Quality of Graphics used in the game.
-Questions will come randomly.
-4 Lifeline for the player, which will help him to win the 5 BILLION.
-Questions start from easy to hard.
-Time Complexity in Game.
-Fully Tested on iPad,iPad2,iPad3 & iPad4.
-Want to face the challenge, show your knowledge about USA, then you must play this game.
-Suitable for all age groups.

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