Who’s My Friends

This is a very addictive game. The rules of the game is very simple! This game is pixel style and mode of operation. Who is my friend? Let us work together to find their friends and loved ones and
tap the screen to draw lines like figure wearing the same clothing figure or hairstyle and pay attention to the lines cross, at the same time, link to the wrong people will re-start, pay attention to Santa Claus and black people, greatly –
Lasting Appeal, and the competitive nature of the game. Santa Claus can be connected to any different of a character, the man in black Santa connection is required before they can be eliminated. Note that there are time constraints!

★ how to play? ★

* Tap the screen to draw a line will be a friend of the same clothing or hairstyle like friends joined together to cross the border, when the number of connections to a number of checkpoints required *

* The number of connections is more relative to your time will be more and more assist you easy ride *

* Difficulty soared appears to Santa Claus and black people *

★ Features ★

* The brilliant changing seasons background pixel style *

* Fun sound effects *

* Support for Game Center Game Center leaderboards and Sina Share *

* Easy operation can let the players physically and mentally to be completely relaxed *

* What are you waiting, come hand to friends and loved ones that you want *

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