Which Wrestler Are You?

Find out which wrestler you’d be if you stepped into the ring.

Take this simple quiz to find your wrestling alter ego.
Fun, easy questions and a simple interface allow you to quickly get results.

Which Wrestler Are You was designed for hardcore wrestling fanatics that can’t help but imagine themselves in the leotard of their favorite wrestling superstar. The test uses simple and fun questions to get an idea of your personality, then translates that into one of the biggest wrestling stars in the world. Find out if you’re a Triple H, a Rock or a Hulkster and take the quiz today!

This app has a number of cool features, including:
✔ Fun questions
✔ Hilarious answer options
✔ Touch and go interface
✔ Minimal load time

Once you work your way through the questions in Which Wrestler Are you, the app will tell you what role you’d play if you ever decided to pump up and start wrestling enormous dudes in front of thousands of people. Be careful though – your personality may not match your favorite star, and you may find you have more in common with a wrestler you hate!

Which Wrestler Are You uses a simple, quick interface to bring you from the home screen to results as quickly as possible. Once you find out which wrestler you’d be, you can share the results with your friends via a built-in “share” button. You can even take the test with friends to find out what roles your friends would play in a crazy WWE story arc; perhaps you’d play the villain, while your best friend plays the hero.

Take the Which Wrestler Are You quiz and get ready to hit some people with folding chairs.

This App is updated for iOS 5 and works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Note: Nimble Robot does not recommend that you actually hit anyone with a folding chair.

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