Which one of us – Fun social game 4 friends, couple, pre party

Which one of us?
Which one of us has the biggest ego? Who is most Facebook addicted? And who would survive the longest at a desert island?

Laugh with friends & family
“Which one of us?” is a hilarious social game that brings a lot of laughs together with your friends & family.
This is also the perfect game for any pre-party, ladies night, couples dinner or any date.

1. Read the question loud and give everyone time to think some seconds.
2. Count loud to three and let everyone point at the person in the room who best describes the question.

850 exciting questions
This addictive game reveals the entertaining truths of how you actually see each other.
It’s loaded with 850 exciting, crazy and embarrassing questions.

8 game situations
The game has 8 game modes. The trivia questions has been carefully selected to match each game situation:
1# Best Fiends
2# Couple
3# Pre-party
4# Ladies night
5# Couples dinner
6# Dating
7# Family
8# Relatives

Get prepared for hilarious moments with your friends & family!

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