WhereWars™ Island Defense

WhereWars™ Island Defense is a quirky tower defense game featuring an epic story told through beautiful comic-book style artwork. Battle through 15 levels (plus 2 tutorial levels) in a variety of terrains.

Gooby’s dimension is in danger and the only thing that can save it is a mysterious island on Earth. But something’s not quite right… The island’s human cities are ghost towns. Strange beings are appearing. What’s happened to the humans on the island? Where have they gone and what does it mean for Gooby and his quest? Help Gooby defend against wave after wave of enemies as he pushes his way to the ultimate prize and discovers the dark secret of the island!

Equipped with an arsenal of Bioterrorists, Mad Scientists and crazy towers, your tactical and strategic options are endless! The key to victory will be choosing the right attack force to counter the waves of enemies as you strategically place and upgrade your forces.

WhereWars™ Island Defense is free to try for the first 6 levels (2 tutorial levels plus 4 game levels). There’s a one-time fee to unlock the full game. It works on any compatible iOS device you own. To activate on your other devices, just tap “Buy Full Game” on the main menu and then tap “Restore Purchase”.

Features Overview:
* 3 upgradeable unit types.
* 2 powerful cannon types, upgradeable.
* 3 upgradeable tower types.
* Upgrade units and towers to increase their range and damage, resulting in 24 defensive variations.
* Exciting story campaign across a mysterious island.
* Battle through 17 levels across a variety of terrains.
* Fight 11 enemies from 4 different factions.
* 40 Game Center achievements to unlock.
* Replayable challenge: Each level can be beaten with a perfect score!
* Beautiful graphic novel-style visuals.

Follow us on Twitter at @btwxtgames. Check out our website for more information: www.wherewars.com.

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