Where’s Gumbo? Lite

The New Version of Where’s Gumbo (the paid version) allows you to take a picture of your own pet and search for him or her as an added bonus for your child!

Search for Where’s Gumbo today to get the latest version.


This is an application for parents of preschool aged children. If you do not have a preschool aged child, this app is not for you.

A digital “lift the flap” board book experience for you and your young child. You are asked to help find Gumbo, my dog who has become lost. Your adventure begins and your child quickly learns to tap the screen to see where Gumbo might be next.

This app is modeled after all of those “lift the flap” board books you love to read to your child. We think it is better!

You get a few animals and scenes in the lite version that are randomly presented to you. You will not get the same experience twice.

Where’s Gumbo Lite is perfect for those long waits in the doctor’s office or when Mommy has to keep her child occupied while she talks to her girlfriend. Your child will always find Gumbo in the end and have fun while doing it.

This Lite version is a scaled down preview of the full version. The Full Version includes more animals and scenes to explore. They are randomly displayed as well, so you get a new experience each time.

Your curious child will love the artwork and movements of the different scenes and friendly animals. They will want to know who is behind the door or in the bathtub and will want to touch the screen to find out.

Where’s Gumbo Lite was developed by a dedicated Dad who loves to play with his 2 year old son and enjoys the excitement he sees in his eyes as he plays his fun, interactive, digital board book.

Be sure to not have your iPhone on Vibrate to enjoy Where’s Gumbo.

Please email me with comments, suggestions, or problems at support@wheresgumbo.com and I will respond to your email as soon as I can. I look forward to hearing the stories of your child’s experience with Where’s Gumbo Lite.

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