Where’s Jesus

Jesus is missing!

Over 36,000 Downloads World Wide!

★ Ratings from iTunes Australia & UK ★

Surprisingly a very good game – ★★★★★

by Donno78 – Version 1.0 – 04 June 2011

Not religious but my grandma will be stoked that I found Jesus

Very good – ★★★★★

by Jordaann – Version 1.0 – 15 July 2011

Very good app highly recommended for any age between the ages to 6 and up one of my favorite games forget Wally introducing Where’s Jesus

Brilliant – ★★★★★

by Oooooomonkey – Version 1.0 – 13 March 2011

A really good “where’s wally” style game, made even better by the way the items to find are placed randomly each time you play giving you endless replay. No complaints here it’s a great game.

Great idea! – ★★★★★

by Moutou Clan – Version 1.0 – 06 March 2011

Good fun, forget Wally…Search for Jesus!

Fun to play! Funny too! – ★★★★★

by JasThaBass – Version 1.0 – 03 March 2011

Worth it!

Loads of fun!!! – ★★★★★

by Beestie – Version 1.0 – 03 March 2011

We love this app, keeps me and my kids entertained for ages! It’s money well spent!!

Where is Jesus – ★★★★★

by – Version 1.0 – 03 March 2011

This is a fabulous app! Highly recommended.


Where’s Jesus? Help find Him now!

People are on a relentless search to find Jesus and now it is easier than ever to find Him!

Get this fun, light hearted game now and you’ll enjoy hours of fun when you search for;

• Jesus

• Mary

• Moses

• David

• The Lion

• The Sheep

• The Dove

In a few minutes you’ll feel happy with the value inside because;

• You’ll have randomised character positions. This means Jesus and His friends hide in different places. Even on the same map, the characters can be in different positions from game to game.

• You’re getting 3 difficulty selections. Easy, Medium & Hard. Great games provide a challenge as well as entertainment and you’ll see that you got both!

• As you progress through the game, you’ll be searching for the characters in 10 maps.

• You’ll also notice cool sound effects and music.

• With future maps already in development you can feel secure that you’ve not only got a good game now. But in the future it will be even better.

• You’ll feel glad you have this game to play on the bus, train, plane and whenever you’re bored and need something to do!

• Specially designed for your iPhone.


★Go to the download button and Get This App Now★

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