Where‘s My Present

Secret! Dear friends, the Santa Claus lost all his presents to us. We have no presents from him this year? No worries, let’s help him to find them out.

This is an excellent entertainment game to find all the lost presents for the Santa Claus. Interesting stories, beautiful maps and easy to play. The presents are falling down randomly with different feelings every time which make you never stop playing.

The game uses different countries as the background for each scene which makes you feel like traveling all over the world when playing the game. The game is easy to play and what you need do is just to find the present and pick them up one by one. Gratefully, every time you pick up one present, the Santa Clause will say “Thank you” to you which indicates you make it. Falling snow flowers, deep snow and even a wolf? No worries, overcome them with your intelligence and courage.

The more presents you pick up, the more coins you will win. Sound great? OK, go for that. Share your achievement via Facebook, Twitter or Weibo. Let’s find all the presents with your friends.

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