Where's My Plane? Lite

Can you find Mona Lisa inside the game?

★★★★★Special Offers Notice★★★★★
If you wanna get an extra 20,000 stars which worth $9.9, buy the Plane Hunter Star version instead, just cost $0.99 more!

Plane Hunter. Be a man and shoot them down!
It’s a puzzle; each level needs your intelligence to unlock! You must shoot down all the hidden planes within the limited steps, but remember, it will become more and more complicated as you go along.
You will start as a fresh cadet, accept the coaching and advance to more complex puzzles. There are 3 planes in each map; you need to figure out the detailed airplane formations behind the cloud, shoot them off and earn the final victory!

=== Features ===
Play game with Friends through WeChat, the first game in WeChat platform.
Realistic graphics and easy-to-use controls.
Feel like a kid again with nostalgic game-play.
Four game modes, vast puzzles that require your brain.
Play online via facebook account, enjoy the puzzles with your friends.
Armor can protect your planes from air strike. Make your map more complicated to confuse your opponent. Bombs simplify the map and make it easier to beat your enemy.

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