Where's My Crate?

Simple arcade action with a twist. Where’s My Crate? challenges players to collect as many crates as possible before dying.

Each collected crate awards a random weapon, some of which are more useful than others.

Problem: an endless stream of enemies wants you dead, and if any creature reaches the bottom of the screen before you kill it, it’ll return at the top of the screen, angrier and tougher than before.

Start playing it with your kids and enjoy the game with your family. 

The terrain is very carefully designed and it makes the game more enjoy. 
★ Game Center Leaderboards to compete with your friends 
★ Incredibly fun, Once you pop,you can’t stop!, endless game play! 

Once you pop,you can’t stop! 

Have great fun gamers. 

( •,•) 

✉☎✎ Support: If you have any technical problems please email us at support@multinetz.com


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