Where is it? (toddler) free

Where Is It? is a educational game for toddlers. Toddlers can learn various things themselves through playing this game with a toddler friendly UI. All items used in the game are composed of a picture, text and voice for effective learning. Toddlers can learn about animals, face, fruits, numbers, colors and kitchen.

The app is consisted of the learning mode and the game mode. And two modes are designed to be smoothly connected. In the learning mode, when toddler touches an item on the screen, text of the item is displayed and sound comes out at the same time. The game mode is started after all items are selected or start button is pressed. Each stage offers three levels of difficulty. Once the game begins, the question is come out with the picture, text and voice. And your toddler can answer questions through touching the item.

– Fully voiced over in English.
– Categories include: animals, face, fruits, numbers, colors and kitchen.
– Simple toddler friendly game play with no added distractions to get stuck in.
– Colorful high resolution artwork and fun music keeps children engaged.
– Dynamic backgrounds and world-famous background musics.

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