WheelO Lite

WheelO Lite is an addictive, easy to play balancing game. The objective of the game is to cover the maximum distance by rolling the wheel without letting it fall.
With accelerometer based controls, WheelO is a constant battle against realistic gravitational pull and gyroscopic force.

Features : Interactive 3D environment with realistic physics
– Controls the wheel using just the accelerometer
– Addictive game play with multiple levels of complexity
– Ability to save scores locally
– Speed synchronized background music

We appreciate your reviews.

Please direct any comments, questions or bugs to wheelo@3dsoc.com

For updates to WheelO, please follow us on Twitter @wheelogame.
Join WheelO fan club at facebook to get updates, share your reviews and scores. http://www.facebook.com/pages/WheelO/159216985737

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