Wheelies Racing Bike – the crazy motorcycle race – Gold Edition


- No Ads
- 25 000 Free Coins

Live free or crash hard ! Yep that’s the spirit of the free riders.

Go for the ride of your life, forget all your problems and take the road and open space.

Go as fast as you can, perform wheellies on the road, let the wild beast out.

Living this life might bring you trouble, you are not alone on the road. Police officer might be on your road too, try to avoid them and keep yourself out of trouble.

Keep calm, slow down and everything should be ok, you would not want to crash in one of them.

Bring your friends along, try different motorcycles or vehicles to wheellie with.

You might even want to pick up cute hitchhicker on the way and give them a pleasant ride. Speed up, do wheelie and avoid cars on the road, that seems like a nice afternoon.

With Game Center integration, you will be able to track your best scores and compete against players all over the world, be the best in the world.

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