Wheel of Fortune: Cubed

Wheel of Fortune: Cubed is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Wheel of Fortune: Cubed Review

Wheel of Fortune has been done on iOS. It has been so done. In fact, the classic game show’s iconic wheel has showed up on almost every conceivable console and computer since the beginning of time. Can we possibly squeeze any new surprises out of that flip-tile board? Turns out we can. Wheel of Fortune: Cubed adds a dash of Scrabble/Words With Friends to the rusty formula and gives it a shot of life.

Despite its new mechanics, Wheel of Fortune vets should have no problem adapting to Wheel of Fortune: Cubed. There are two gameplay modes: A single player rush and a multiplayer mode that hews more closely to familiar Wheel of Fortune gameplay. Both modes center around a cube covered with 25 blank tiles (five-by-five). There are clues lined up along the horizontal axis of the board, as well as on the vertical. The clues hint at the words contained in the tiles (for example, “the sound a pig makes”), and in true crossword style, solving a word on the x-axis will provide you with letters on the y-axis, and vice-versa.


Unlike a crossword puzzle, however, you’re not left to guess at the words on your lonesome. You can suggest letters and buy vowels, much like in traditional Wheel of Fortune. When you think you’re ready, you can solve the puzzle—or the cube, as it happens.

In the single player mode, you’re allowed to select three constantans (in addition to the classic “RSTLN”—no “E”, though) and a vowel. Then you simply need to solve the remainder of the cube as quickly as possible by dragging and dropping letter tiles into their appropriate spots.

In multiplayer mode, you and your opponent take turns spinning the wheel and guessing at letters for the registered dollar amount (unless you go Bankrupt, sucker). You can solve the cube for big bucks whenever you’re ready.

Wheel of Fortune: Cubed adds a new dimension to Wheel of Fortune, pun intended. The presentation is pretty bare-bones. There’s no Pat Sajak, no Vanna White, and no zero-royalty equivalents. It’s just you and the cube, and since the gameplay holds up, that’s fine.


Wheel of Fortune: Cubed does have one big problem, however: Dragging and dropping letter tiles onto the cube can be slippery business. There’s limited room to work with, so you’ll often grab the wrong letter tile and/or place it on the wrong spot on the cube. You have a limited amount of time in which to solve the cube, so accidentally spelling “AQQLE” when you mean to spell “APPLE” is understandably frustrating.

Despite this issue, Wheel of Fortune: Cubed is an addictive and interesting variation on the classic game show. Grab a dollar and go on and buy yourself some vowels.