The Application will display 25 panels with a alphabet. You must detect a letter absent there (Alphabets are 26 letters, you know). If you answered correct, you can step up to more difficult stages.

[How To Play]
1. Tap the instruction page to start.
2. 25 panels will appear. They contain an alphabet each.
3. Search a letter that is not displayed there.
4. Tap anywhere on panels to answer.
5. Input your answer via keyboard.
6. If you’re correct, you can step up to more difficult stages.
7. When you entered to top 10 scorer, the hole of fame list will be appear.

1. Tap [Hole of Fame] button to see currently top 10 scorers.
2. You can clear the list via ‘clear’ button below.
3. Tap [Information] button to see staffs-roll, if necessary :-p.

Project/development : Hiro Fujimoto (PAMLINK Corporation)

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