What’s it? – Scratch & Guess

What’s it? – Guess what you see in photos of your friends

What’s it? It offers the ultimate guessing fun with your own photos!

Play in English, French, Spanish or German with numerous translations available.

– Send your own photos to your friends and let them guess what they see
– Give separate solution words to the pictures
– Scrap photos of your friends and guess what you can see in them
– Whether objects, persons or places… Everything is possible!
– Find friends in your surroundings to play with who speak the same language as you do
– Adjust your profile information so that other players can see from where you come.
– Add comments to the pictures

*** Premium: Endless photos are available for shipment ***

Share your photos with your friends and let them guess what they see in the photo.
Here, no limits are placed on your creativity. Create your own photo or select a cool photo from your album. You can freely choose the solution word for the photo. You can use photos of your friends, places or objects and let your friends guess what you are currently seeing or where you are standing. The quicker a solution word is guessed, the more the coins which you would receive and the higher would you go in high-score.
In order to find your friends with greater ease, you can directly invite them for a game using the app on Facebook.
Have fun playing it!

Pictures that you send to your friends will be saved on the server till the current game has been completed. The rest of the data will be stored in encrypted form on the server and handled with great care.

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