What Doesn't Belong – Free Educational Puzzle Game

★ Not only a fun game, but a powerful educational tool! ★

Simply beautiful and fun educational puzzle game for kids and adults, that helps develop sense of beauty and many problem solving skills, such as logic, pattern recognition, sequence solving etc.

The object of “What Doesn’t Belong” is to guess which of the six images does not belong & explain why it doesn’t.

App is good both for children and adults, for playing and educating.

To make a game outcome more effective play it together with your children. Before choosing the image which is out of place ask children why this is the case.


★ Simple and fun gameplay
★ About 500 beautiful and colorful images
★ 40 levels to play
★ Changing place images make levels look like new every time
★ Add your children’s names and watch their progress with statistic
★ Hints, if you get stuck


★ Speech
★ Sense of beauty
★ Logic
★ Problem solving skills
★ Response speed

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