Whack O Lantern

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Dive into Strange World in this fast paced Halloween themed “whack a mole” style game staring characters by world-renown artist, illustrator and urban vinyl toy designer Nathan Jurevicius, creator of Scarygirl.

Percival Pumpkinhead is very mischievous! Percival is popping up all over the place causing lots of trouble.

Use your fingers to touch the screen and hit Percival as many times as you can before the time runs out. Watch out for Zombish McBrain! Whacking him will cause you to lose points.

Boneski is a shy skeleton who rarely shows up. If you spot him, whack him to receive bonus points!

Enjoy rich and vibrant graphics, a spooky soundtrack, and unique characters in multiple locations as you work to achieve new high scores. Good luck!


A new update was just submitted to Apple. We have added 2 more stunning levels. As well as a few other small changes like more info on the characters in the game we have also rebalanced the game. Finally we have given you three lives so that you can continue to attempt harder levels without restarting.

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