Welly Wanger World Tour

Could you become the Ultimate Wanger? Conquer each country in order to complete the Welly Wanger World Tour. Use the powerful wellies & gumboots to wang your way through each level, toss the welly as far as you can!

Collect Welly Wonga coins whilst flying through the air to upgrade to one of the five wellies, each with their own personalities and skills!

Each level requires accuracy, skill and the perfect wang.

Famous sights including

The Great Wall of China
Taj Mahal, India
Sydney Opera House, Australia
The Great Pyramids, Egypt
Statue of Liberty New York, United States of America
Tower Bridge London, Great Britain


Game Center integration
Leaderboard – See how other players are wanging
Collect achievements
Share scores on Twitter & Facebook
Beautifully designed graphics for each Country
Music composed for the game
Visit countries from all over the World

To out more about the noble sport of Welly Wanging see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wellie_wanging

+ Game development and creative by One Result Ltd
+ Music by David Milner

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