Weekly Football Quiz

Weekly Football Quiz is a constantly evolving, ever expanding quiz that will appeal to all fans of the beautiful game.

Football quizzes are great, but such is the ever changing nature of the game we love, a number of these quizzes become stale, boring and out of date.

Updated every seven days, our app will offer hundreds of questions per week about news and results that are actually relevant. This means that you get a new set of questions to challenge on a frequent basis, rather than simply finishing the quiz and that’s that.

Please make sure to check for updates frequently, so you have the latest quiz to tackle!

Weekly Football Quiz Lite will focus on a number of leagues, players and competitions. Your scores will be stored on a weekly basis, meaning you get to see how you get on from week to week.

The full version includes even more questions, no annoying adverts, improved pause facility, and a global leaderboard!

Reviews and comments about Weekly Football Quiz:

‘The best football quiz I have ever played! A wide range of well written questions that are updated on a weekly basis. The app works very well (no crashes) and looks great. Get it now, you will not be disappointed.’

‘Brilliant. unlike every other football quiz this gets updated weekly so I don’t have to go over the same, tired questions I usually get. Highly recommended!’

‘Very good set of questions that could even challenge the mighty brain of Jeff Stelling.’

‘Loved this, current up to date questions…very easy to play and understand. Can’t wait for next weeks questions!’

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