Wedding Dash

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $5.99) Universal Rating: 4+

Wedding Dash is a game from Glu Games Inc, originally released 27th January, 2009


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Wedding Dash Review

A wedding coordinator is a blessed creature who moves behind the scenes of the elaborate human mating ceremony. You might not even see him or her, but he/she keeps the production running. Without the calm assistance of the wedding coordinator, bridesmaids get into pit fights, best men steal motorcycles and take off, the groom falls into a coma and the bride eats her own foot.

Wedding Dash by PlayFirst lets you live out the glory and agony of a wedding coordinator’s typical day. Within a mere few minutes of gameplay, you’ll learn a new truth: The life of a wedding coordinator is frantic and sometimes tragic, but it’s never, ever boring. And if you haven’t played Diner Dash to death, you’ll enjoy your interlude with Wedding Dash.

Wedding Dash casts you as Quinn, a young woman who is thrust into the role of a wedding coordinator after her best friend’s wedding plans blow up. Quinn takes care of the couple’s cake, flowers, menu, and seating arrangements. She also puts out disasters before the bride can see them (dogs and birds getting at the food, over-emotional aunts having breakdowns, grills catching on fire). Flo, the serene waitress from Diner Dash, makes an appearance and assists by dishing out food to the guests and collecting their presents.

Steak ‘n Cake.

You have to keep on top of Flo and Quinn’s actions if you want to pull of a decent wedding and advance to bigger, busier venues. Each level begins with Quinn planning out the wedding couple’s flowers, menu, and honeymoon. She drops some hints about the couple’s nature, which should give you an idea of what to select. For instance, if Quinn says the bride is a vegetarian, you shouldn’t choose veal brains for the main course.

Once the planning is done, bonus points are rewarded and the real chaos begins. Through the magic of tapping and drag-and-drop, Quinn seats guests and Flo serves them their food. Of course, the guests are picky, and many want specific seating arrangements. Everybody wants to sit next to the social butterfly, but nobody wants to set next to the overbearing aunt who has a habit of passing out in her green beans.

If you make people wait too long to be seated, they won’t be happy. And if necessity causes you to seat them where they don’t want to be, they’ll pout and that will cost you points. Given that you need a specific number of points to advance from level to level, a happy guest is a productive guest.

Aside from seating guests, you have to serve them their appetizers, main course, and cake. Disasters happen spontaneously (best one: bees dive-bombing the dance floor) and must be taken care of quickly, or the bride will flip and you’ll lose points.

And now it gets hectic.

Simply put, Wedding Dash doesn’t afford you a second to look up from the screen, and that’s great. As the guest list gets longer and the venues become more complex, your brain and fingers will tangle up and force you to think clearly under pressure. Hint: Flo has two hands. Make sure she uses them both.

But even the best wedding runs into snags. Guests, plates of food, and other tappable items make for small targets, so Flo sometimes misses her cue after you’ve sent her on a long chain of errands. She’ll stand there and waste precious seconds while guests grow increasingly unhappy. Even a few wasted seconds can amount to a colossal wreck of a wedding.

Also, Wedding Dash doesn’t fall far from Diner Dash’s tree. If you’ve spent enough hours slinging food with Flo, you probably won’t find enough fresh content to keep you going.

But if you thoroughly enjoy the frantic Diner Dash experience, or you’re mushy over weddings of all kinds, or if you just want to breed a Bridezilla, Wedding Dash will provide almost as much fun as an introverted uncle tucking into an open bar.