Stay armed with our large selection of weapons! ! shoot, slash, spray, swing, smash, squash, slay, bang, poke, whack, punch, blow, whip, explode anything (just for laughs)

Tilt, shake and move your phone like a weapon and you will get that awesome weapon sound effect (whichever weapon you choose). It is so easy and fun to play with.

How to play: Select weapon by scrolling the screen, then tap/touch the weapon you want and another screen will come out (activating the sound effects). It is THAT easy!

We have a huge selection in store for you

- Ak47
- Aug
- Awp
- Deagle
- Elite
- Famas
- FiveSeven
- g3sg1
- Galil
- M3
- Mp5navy
- Mac10
- Light Saber
- Hammer
- Knife
- Sword
- Spear
- Whip
- Fireworks
- Bomb
- Fireball
- Chainsaw
- Watergun

And…..many more!

Live it to your imagination to create a battle environment armed with weapons. This will be the ultimate fun app, you know you’ve been waiting for the chance to scare that someone. Get it now!