We Sing Superstar Quiz

Welcome to the We Sing Superstar Quiz New Edition!

Test your musical knowledge with over 3000 questions from a variety of genres, including 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, Dance, R&B/Urban, Rock, Pop, Albums, Pop Luck, and the special We Sing Bonus Round.

The New Edition features additional Pop, Rock and UK Hits questions.

The We Sing Bonus Round questions relate to songs or artists that feature in the We Sing series of karaoke games exclusively on Wii!

The aim of the game… get as many fans as you can, and become a true We Sing Superstar!

The game includes 3 single player modes:

We Sing Superstar Quiz – answer questions fast and correctly to earn more fans. Once you fill the Mic you qualify for the next round. Use the We Sing Bonus rounds to get extra lifelines.

Classic Mode – three lives, get as far as you can!
Sudden Death – one wrong answer and you’re OUT!

There is also a multiplayer mode for 2 players called Play and Pass, where you can go head-to-head with your musical arch enemy!

All game modes include three lifelines: 50/50, Reveal and Pause… so use them wisely!

When you have completed your game, send your best score to the Game Center, and compete with other We Sing Superstars from around the world. You can also send your score to your Twitter or Facebook page and challenge your friends to beat your score.

With awards ranging from Rotten Tomato to Diamond, this is the ultimate music quiz!

Oh, and if you are happy with what you see, why not go to www.facebook.com/wesinggame and register your “Like”.

Join the We Sing family and try to become a We Sing Superstar!

iPhone/iPod Touch Users please note, We Sing Superstar Quiz works on iOS 4.0 upwards.

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