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We City for iPad is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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We City for iPad Review

At this point, Ngmoco could go just about anywhere with their “We” series of online social games. We’d like to see a game set on a sci-fi lunar base called We Moon, or an underwater aquarium sim called We Fish, for example. At this point, the gameplay mechanics are all set in place, and the setting doesn’t seem to matter.

What’s important is that you check in to your We apps multiple times a day, or even better, multiple times an hour. You can plant crops, come back later, harvest them, and repeat until you get the all-important “ding” of a level-up.

Impress your citizens with a flashy, taxpayer-funded City Hall.

These basic mechanics, plus the tantalizing entry price of free, have helped to make We Farm and We Rule insanely popular on iOS devices. While we think “cow-clickers” like these are the lowest form of entertainment, we can’t help but get caught up by the routine and simplicity of Ngmoco’s virtual properties.

We City relocates the “action” to an urban setting in the style of Sim City or Virtual City. Instead of cottages or barns, you can build apartments, stores, and lay out your streets with paved roads and lush parks. For many players, customizing their property is most of the fun of the game.

Recession-proof your local economy with Zap!

There’s also the time-wasting appeal of visiting your Plus+ friends’ cities to place orders, business and culinary schools that can evolve with the proper attention (a feature borrowed from We Farm’s blue ribbon animals), and of course, the monetized Zap store.

We only recommend downloading and playing We City for free– you don’t need to pay a dime to build up your city over the course of weeks and months. As a socially-enabled sandbox, We City is still one of the best of its kind on the App Store, even if the gameplay is disappointingly routine.