Wauoo Help Santa TV

In Taiwan, we get App Store “New and Noteworthy” for Kids and Puzzle game.

This game support TV output(AirPlay, Apple TV, HDMI/VGA adapter). Play this game, just like playing a TV game.

Christmas, Santa began to give gifts to the children, but he encountered a problem.
The snow-covered road leading to each household, you quickly to help Santa find out the route.

How to Play:
Tilting the phone around (Pad), Santa Claus will be moving with the tilt direction.

Score tips:
get gift on the map

Game Features:
1. Supports TV output
2. Support Game Center Leaderboards
3. Supports Game Center achievements
4. 3 different difficulty levels, meet players like to accept the challenge
5. Complete a variety of game achievements to obtain additional mission

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