Waterslide Extreme

Waterslide Extreme is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Free Waterslide Ad Game Hits 10 Million Downloads

Never underestimate the outstanding power of the word “free”. Barclaycard announced this week that their sky-high water park simulation Waterslide Extreme has reached the extraordinary landmark of 10 million users.

Developed by Dare and Fishlabs, the app was released back in July and quickly racked up millions of downloads by the end of the month. Clearly the game has slowed its download rate lately, but they’re still moving at an impressive clip.

Three million downloads in a single month is impressive to say the least, but seven million more in the following six months is perhaps even more impressive. Maintaining that kind of popularity is extraordinarily rare on the crowded App Store.

We’ll be sure to update you again when Barclaycard lets us know they’ve hit 1 billion.