HURRY…Pop the falling WaterBombs before they crush your sand castles!
ATTENTION…All balloons cause damage…some are fast, slow and trying to trick you!
HEADS UP…Watch out for the hot air balloons and storm clouds too!

WaterBombs is a fast-paced balloon game designed for every “kid” out there who needs an engaging, non-violent 10 minutes of play time on Mom or Dad’s phone.

But when Grandma reached Round 14…I knew we had a game for ALL ages. Now my friends tell me they compete with their kids – and their kids are winning! :-)

Defend your three sand castles from the falling water balloons. Simply (or maybe not so simply) pop each balloon by touching it as it falls on the screen.

If a balloon hits one of your castles – don’t worry. You have chances to earn back new castles as your skills improve!

Please note that updates are coming soon. In the near future we’ll be providing various background scenes allowing you to play WaterBombs in a number of virtual locations!

“Best balloon game available!” – Makemi Software :-)

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