Water Toss HD

Water Toss – The most realistic 3D arcade style water game

Water Toss is a simple yet addictive water arcade game straight from the 90’s. You will love how it will challenges your famed multi-tasking abilities as well

How to Play:
– Use the virtual pressure pad at the bottom of the screen to send a jet of air through the water and tilt your phone to control gravity.
-The ring or ball would then be shot into the water.
-The objective is to put the various colored objects (balls, rings, cubes) into their similar colored baskets, ring hooks and platforms.
– Over 50 levels of amazing levels
– Multiple type of challenges with multiple objects (throw, hook, land, capture)
– Clean, colorful graphics
– Adjust the tilt sensitivity to control gravity
– Precision pressure pad to release water jet from the exact point you press
– Fun sound effects

Play through 50+ levels, racing against the clock to complete the challenges. Water Toss gameplay ranges from simple to relaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and everywhere in between. So if you are looking for a game which will challenge your hand-eye co-ordination, go ahead and try Water Toss today.

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