Water Ludo

Test your dexterity with this reproduction of the water toy you played with as a child.

Water Ludo is all about precision, timing and control ! Guide a ball over ramps, moving platforms and through brightly colored and challenging environments containing water mines, golden fishes, sharks, and a host of other features all in an attempt to reach the safe haven of the basket and score the best time. The player solves a variety of puzzles, saves himself from a variety of sea monsters and safely navigates across a variety of suspended platforms to complete each level.

How to Play:

• Tap on left/right of screen to supply air pressure and score the balls inside the basket.
• Rotate/ tilt your device to move the balls in the desired direction.


Key features:

• Perfect accelerometer physics allowing for superb interaction with the iPhone and iPod Touch
• Gorgeous underwater theme with beautiful retina graphics
• Simple and easy to use interface and controls
• 100 challenging levels with auto save feature which allows players to save progress and replay unlocked levels to obtain a faster time
• Original sounds
• Life-like under water simulation.
• Compare your best times against other players worldwide with online leader boards
• Share your high score with your friends on Facebook

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