Now with an online mode and a whole new family of cards!

Take the battle beyond your iPhone — WarSquared version 0.95 brings Multi-Screen strategy to the App Store for the first time! You and a friend go head to head in a real-time struggle for dominance of the Isle of Agonsdale. Turn the battle in your favor by hiring powerful steampunk mercenaries: mechanical beasts, mystic elementals, and metal titans join the fray at your command. Hurl fireballs at your enemy’s territory at the flick of a finger. Be prepared for an epic brawl because the battlefield spans both screens!

-Duel with friends in a streamlined real-time strategy game.
-Cast spells at the flick of a finger with multitouch gesture spellcasting.
-Wage war against a friend locally or online — two iPhones become a seamless battlefield with our multi-screen innovations.
-Build your forces through a trading card game as you explore the islands of the steampunk world of WarSquared.
-Test your strategies in various fun single player modes.

With incredible depth, innovative dual-screen gameplay, and the ability to fireblast an army on the other screen, WarSquared promises to be a game like none before it.