Warships – Sea on Fire!

The ever-green game as you have never seen before!

Welcome to the Navy! Get ready to fight in extraordinary ocean battles and prove your tactical skills in this all-time classic strategy game which is now more thrilling than ever!

Win 20 battles across three unique locations: World War I, Pirates and the Science Fiction. Gain new titles, unique rewards and medals for completing various achievements. Climb the Navy Career ladder to rise from Ensign to a prestigious Fleet Admiral. Lead your fleet to the victory and domination over the seas!

“Warships – Sea on Fire!” is a unique, content-rich and feature-packed variation of traditional pen and paper battleships but it offers much much more! With its gorgeus graphics, silkly smooth animations, 20+ different AI levels, three unique themes, excellent music and rich sounds effects, “Warships – Sea on Fire” is a must-have App for all fans of this beloved classic!


* 3 different graphic themes set in different areas: World War I Pirates, Science Fiction
* Dedicated music & rich sounds effects designed specifically for each theme!
* 20 levels within each theme – that totals to 60 different battles!
* Advanced AI that progressively increases the challenge in each level.
* Various medals, titles and rewards to gain through the exciting Navy Career!
* Extremely intuitive controls, built-in tutorial, clear and friendly interface,
* Excellent graphics, fun animations and tons of eye catching effects!
* Warships – Sea On Fire! supports Openfeint with many achievements and leader-boards available for players.

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