Warm Gun

Universal Rating: 12+

Warm Gun is a game from Emotional Robots, originally released 11th October, 2011


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Warm Gun Review

Here at Slide to Play, we have a policy of playing a game to completion before rendering judgment. Sometimes playing through every second of possible content isn’t practical, but we don’t want to publish a review without seeing all a game has to offer. However, we’ve played very little of Warm Gun, but that’s not for lack of trying. How Warm Gun got the go-ahead to be on the App Store in its current state is beyond us, as simply getting the game up and running was a more rewarding endeavor than anything we’ve been able to appreciate in this Unreal-powered shooter.

Having attempted to play the game on multiple devices, we’ve spent more time staring at frozen screens and error messages than we have looking at a game we were actually pretty excited about playing. Warm Gun has an unusual style and almost looks like a reasonably well-made PC game. Almost.

Warm Gun looks pretty good in still-image form, which is practically what you’ll be experiencing if you’re lucky enough to dodge any crashes and get into a match. Even immediately after a system reboot, the action quickly bogs down to a slide show of a framerate, and that’s not even the end of the in-game technical problems. It’s not rare to end up with gunshot audio infinitely looping after you’ve finished firing.

Fill yer hand, you SOB.

Warm Gun has two gameplay options: offline and online. Offline has you playing against bots in a simple deathmatch format. Online… will most likely have you playing against bots in a simple deathmatch format, except you’ll need a GameSpy ID to do so. The servers are so barren, even this shortly after the game’s release, that you’ll usually end up playing against three bots as you would have if you hadn’t bothered digging up or registering for a GameSpy ID. The only time we were able to find a game with another human in it, he or she left in less than a minute. It’s hard to blame them.

Once this player left, a bot joined the game to fill the server to its 4-player capacity. As almost unplayable as the game is already, these bots are not very intelligent. You’ll more often than not find them just standing around, looking at nothing in particular and not reacting to you running up right next to them and filling them with bullets.

If you want a game that crashes and gives you cryptic error messages, you can certainly find one for less than the $4.99 that this game currently costs. Warm Gun might be fun in theory, but it’s hard to even get an impression of how enjoyable this game could be given how painfully apparent its technical failings are. No matter what it was supposed to be, it’s impossible to recommend what it currently is.