Warfarm Worldwide

★★★ Real mobile MMORPG, over 270 000 players! ★★★

War Farm is a very engaging free to play online mmorpg. In this magical world elves ride on tractors and mowers, while orcs work in their gardens. But this farm is not as friendly as it seems: ‘peaceful’ farmers like to resolve their differences with sharp pitchforks and magical swords!

War Farm allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of massive multiplayer mobile game. Thousands of players work in their gardens side by side, earn money, upgrade their characters and buy different items from other farmers. It’s a whole world out there!

The distinctive features of the game:

●●● HUGE GAME WORLD ●●● – hundreds of thousands players compete, socialize, make friends and form different clans

●●● CLANS AND ALLIES ●●● — find your friends and play with them, help each other and fight for the glory of your clan

●●● MASSIVE WARS ●●● – in epic battles fight hundreds of farmers, using different tactics and even magic attacks

●●● BEAUTIFUL INTERFACE ●●● – nice colors and intuitive menu allows you to fully understand the game in few minutes

●●● ONLINE INTERACTIONS ●●● – send gifts to friends and fertilize their gardens

●●● PEACEFUL TIMES ●●● — grow different species of magical plants and earn good money by selling them

●●● HUNDREDS OF ITEMS ●●● – weapons, armors, rarities, machines and much more

●●● FAITHFUL FRIEND ●●● – your pet will protect you in epic battles, but you will always have to train it.

Are you ready to become a real farmer? Start playing right now!

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