War of Mech

This is an amazing PUZ game, set with strategy, tower prevent, action adventure. It would be the most striking game for Iphone you might have ever met.

On a mysterious planet far away, you are director of the last troop defending against the enigmatic invader from the outer space. After experiencing wars one after another, hope for human beings’ survive remains.

In 60 barriers, you need to beat your brains on arrangement for your soldiers, plenty of different units for the war making you feel free on three lines, with whom you could destroy the enemies’ base, on arrangement. Four different large-scale weapons await your orders when trapped by enemies, to turn around the situation, helping you conquer irresistibly.

How to play:
☆ When beginning, you acquire energy crystal as time elapsed. At the same time, attack from the enemy begins.
☆ You could build machinery soldiers defending.
☆ Bonus crystals would come into being when enemies’ units crushed. You need to get them by walk up to.
☆ Win or not, you would get gold on promotion for your soldiers, basement and even extra large-scale weapons.

☆ There is 60 barriers, with different landscape
☆ You can build machinery troops of your own, defending for the last civilization.
☆ Each kind of soldiers can be strengthened, for antagonism against the enemies more and more powerful.
☆ Gorgeous large-scale weapons with tremendous power, with which you can make vigorous efforts to turn around the situation.

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