War of Kingdom

*About language translation, only Simple Chinese is as much as good.
*Memory requirement: 180M.

The War of Kingdom is a turn-based tactical strategy game.

It originates in Battle for Wesnoth, and makes different from Wesnoth, makes player to get another kind of joy in the process of playing game.

1. Introduce hero. Hero command troop, at best, there are three heros in one troop. Each hero has kinds of attribute, for example, leadership, force, intellect, politics, charm, feature, arms adaptabliity, relation. Inside heros affect troop’s ability.

2. Replace keep with city. City has inside troops, field troops, inside heros. Recruit will increase inside troops, expedition will move troop out of city and to field.

3. “truer” range. Melee is attacked by adjacent locations, Range by locations that space one grid. In addition, add cast to indicate space tow grids.

4. Navy. Once troop enters deep water, it becames navy. Once back to land, troop back to orignal arms.

As Wesnoth, Kingdom is a open source game.

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