War Fire HD

Never any peace! On this barren piece of land, each city may be your enemy. Naked plunder, ruthless conquest and crazy killing armed forces, each will remind you the cruelty of the world any time. Strength is your fundamental!

War Fire is a handy RPG game, but more like the real life. When you enter the game, you get a five-day novice protection, in which you can develop your city and build your troops freely. When you get strong enough, you have chances to fight against your enemy—the other players or system bandit.

The most important and interesting part of this game is the WAR. Just like a real war, you can control various arms to conquer any place on the planet. Be a hero!

1 Troops can be built automatically after the instruction set, even when you are working or resting.
2 The participation of Air Forces and Land Forces makes the battle more integrated
3 Game is departed to several areas, including City, Military and Resource.
4 legion and Chat system will give you chance to make more friends, BTW, not only friends, but also enemies, lol.

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