War Dice

War Dice simulates the rolling of multiple dice. It is particularly focused on Warhammer and throwing a lot of dice. The app shows the number of ones, twos, threes etc that were rolled. However, it can also be used for games with only a few dice such as Yahtzee.

Any number of dice can be rolled, for example 2, 27, 130, 1000.

The six dice appear to roll while the results are calculated.

Tap any of the dice to ‘keep’ that and all higher-numbered dice. War Dice then shows the number of dice that fail and the number of dice that succeed.
Tapping the success or fail value copies it into the number of dice field ready for the next roll.

Each player could use the app on their own iPhone or iPod Touch or they could share one iDevice. Using a dice roller ensures there’s no skill in rolling.

There is a configurable minimum delay between rolls. The default is 5 seconds but this can be changed to anywhere between one and ten seconds.

iOS 6 ready.

5 stars- It works well, keeps it simple and doesn’t try to add extra fluff. Nice app!

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