Wander Cube

**TouchArcade: “This is a clever little game, well worth the money. ”
*FLboyzmom*: “intelligence for those with free time! Nice! – Thanks alot- it’s about time developers considered those of us with larger imaginations than blowing stuff up and shooting at it!”

Would you like to know how smart you really are? How logically you think? All it takes is this test! See if you can move these cubes, bypass all sorts of obstacles and guide them to their destinations. A lot of cubes and many different maps are ahead, so what are you waiting for? Hurry up, and challenge your friends, see who is the smartest.

*Multiple-language support in game (select it from OPTION menu)
*Maps are proven to be both challenging and fun
*Many stages to clear, and you know, it is getting tougher as you go further
*See if you can find the best way to solve the puzzles

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