W&M-Words & Mines

Wordsearch & Minesweeper Lite (W&M Lite) combiens two classic puzzles into a single entertaining game.

The object of the game is to identify all the hidden words in the letter grid without stepping on a mine. Since the puzzles are generated, you are assured endless number of puzzles.

First it is a wordsearch puzzle where you identify hidden words by swiping your finger across the word from the begining letter to the end letter. Second, W&M is also a minesweeper where all the letters belonging to hidden words are mines. Tapping on these letters is like stepping on a mine–you loose the game. Uncover cells without mines by tapping on letters that (you hope!) are not part of any of the hidden word. Uncovered cells help reveal outlines of hidden words.

Take a creative break with W&M and remember to “Goof Off Responsibily(tm).”

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