Walt The Frog?! HD


Walt The Frog?! takes you on a mission to save the world

Walt never wanted to be a hero. But when a mysterious asteroid hits the earth – and his neighborhood – quiet days are over in Walt´s pond. All of a sudden the bad-tempered frog finds himself face to face with an army of mutant killer bees from outer space.

Grab Walt´s elastic whip-tongue and help him to eat up the invaders. Surf past numerous dangers and fantastic landscapes. Fight yourself through cavernous sewers, endless deserts and cursed forests. Take a stand against ever more challenging mutants and awe-inspiring boss monsters. Save the world and put the bee back in breakfast!

Top Features:
- 5 colorful worlds
- 6 screen-filling end bosses
- Over a dozen different enemies
- Beautiful 3D-backgrounds
- High Quality Original Soundtrack
- Fully voiced characters
- Bombs! That´s right, bombs!
- Beat your friends´ highscores on facebook or share yours via Twitter

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