Take back your homeland as the rightful heir to the throne in WallZ! Use strategy, cunning, and luck to knock the invading knights off of their defenses in many levels of gameplay. Encounter special challenges along the way and work to overcome them in the ultimate battle for victory!

In WallZ you must identify and destroy castle walls that stand between you and victory. Wall sections of the same color that are adjacent to one another are perfect in your quest for domination. Be careful though, as reckless abandon in choosing wall sections to attack can lead to defeat!

The wizard Merlin and others are hard at work to both help and hinder your progress as well so be careful adventurer! There are special wall pieces that can change allegiance on a whim and others that when used properly can explode in a hail of fire to take down your adversary.

Do you have what it takes to conquer the enemy and reclaim the throne? Adventure and challenge awaits you in WallZ!

– 20 levels in the adventure
– Multiple challenges other than “basic” colored wall pieces
– Hidden elements throughout the game
– Global leaderboards
– Facebook, Twitter, and personal profile support via Agon
– 10 Awards to unlock via Agon

Visit http://www.gameroutfit.com for more information!

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