Walk ‘n Walk

4/5 – AppTudes.com: “By blending memory-testing puzzles with simple line-drawing action, Walk ‘n Walk manages to be both easy enough for young gamers to pick up, but challenging enough for older gamers to keep playing.”

Can you keep up with the little creature Trot Trot?

Trot Trot has nothing but one wish: to walk, walk ‘n walk. Can you memorize each path and redraw it?

Watch Trot Trot carefully, as he walks across the screen and redraw the exact same path with your finger afterwards. But careful! Only the tiniest deviation and the game is over.

Walk ‘n Walk challenges your memory, spatial sense and fine motor skills in a totally new way – each level pack brings new challenges. Think well before you draw and don’t miss any detail: Watch one Trot Trot, multiple Trot Trots at a time or a reverse walking and teleporting Trot Trot.

150 levels – 6 level packs

Main features:
• New challenges in every level pack
• Innovative gameplay
• Funny game character, who talks gibberish to himself when you touch the screen
• Cheerful design
• 20 Game Center achievements
• Hidden elements

Walk ‘n Walk trains your memory, spatial sense and fine motor skills.

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