Go to the ocean!
Destroy enemy ships to be a pirate king!

[How to play]

Find out the enemy ships and fire cannons.

1. Deploy your five ships.
Drag your ships to move.
Press “TURN” to turn your ship around.
As soon as you finish the deployment, a battle will be started.

2. Five enemy ships, the same shape as yours, are hidden somewhere.
You need to think where the enemy ships are hiding.
Choose a position and press “ATTACK” to fire a cannon.

3. If there is an enemy ship in the position you chose, your attack is success.
You can continue to fire a cannon as long as you succeed.
After your attack is failed, your enemy fires a cannon into your ships.
You might pray that your ships are not destroyed.

You and your enemy repeatedly attack each other.
If you first destroy all the enemy ships, you will be a winner!

Less damage to your ships is essential to getting a high score.
Get a top ranking!

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