Vroom Driving – The Driving in a Picture book for kids

Thank you for over 65,000 downloads in the world!!
You can play with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Vroom Driving is an interactive picture book app which lets kids drive the cars they’re so crazy about through a storybook world full of cute animal characters. Your kids can enjoy the packaged story, “Rabbit’s Birthday,” completely free.
When we say “drive,” all kids have to do is tilt the iPad back and forth to control the car. Even if they can’t drive the car very well, the car will automatically reach the goal, so even small children can enjoy the app.
Try it with your kids!

★ Target age range
Around 2~6 years old

★ Easy to understand interface
We’ve made the screen layout as simple and intuitive as possible, so children can just pick it up and play.
From the development phase onward, we performed multiple practical tests where kids used the app, and continually made improvements.

★ Play again and again
Kids can continue to collect the acorn and seashell items they gather while driving each time they play.
There are new surprises every time they play, like hidden animal characters that pop up along the road during a drive.

★ Improve number recognition and concentration while having fun
By counting the items they pick up and collect, and watching the increasing numbers of items, kids will gain a deeper understanding of numbers.
They will improve their concentration by moving their bodies to operate the car in the driving scenes.

★ List of animal characters
(There may be some other characters hiding out. Try to find them with your kids!)

★ Available stories
“Rabbit’s Birthday” (Completely free)
“Fishing with Cat” (Paid)
“Shopping to the town” (Paid)

★ Send your opinions, thoughts, or questions to:

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