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Vote!!! Review

So this is what Chair Games has been up to. In the absence of any announced game to work on (Infinity Blade Dungeons is being developed by Epic), Chair has released Vote!!!, a cartoonish brawler that lets Barack Obama and Mitt Romney duke it out for the presidency, using ridiculous weapons and wearing silly costumes. So is the game worthy of the developer’s hard-earned pedigree?

First off, it’s clear from the get-go that Vote is a goofy side project, and not “The Next Big Game” from Chair. While the fighting bears more than a little resemblance to the Infinity Blade series, it’s far, far less deep. You still swipe the screen to attack, but there’s very little strategy to consider aside from “avoid attacks and wait for an opening.” Nor does either candidate have a health bar. Instead, you get 60 seconds to land as many hits as possible. If you take some damage you fall down, losing precious seconds. Of course, there are no Infinity Blade-style executions here. There aren’t even any bruises.

Let’s keep it civil.

And while you can buy and equip your character with various costumes, weapons, and accessories, they’re all just for show. They don’t have stats, so attacks with the rubber chicken are just as effective as attacks with the sparkler. Purchasing new gear costs currency that you rack up during fights, but since this is a freemium game, it’s always willing to accept your real-life money if for some reason you really want that “super prez” costume.

The graphics look colorful and fantastic. The three backgrounds are lush and detailed, and the presidential candidates have big caricature-style heads. They even have decent impersonators doing their voices. They talk a lot, though, and it becomes grating before long. Also, there’s no story line, so there is to do is dress up your candidates and fight.

This is what the founding fathers would’ve wanted.

The game counts the global numbers for how well people are doing in the game as Romney and Obama, displaying who’s in the lead on the title screen, which is pretty cool. It also includes some voter resources and a “Register To Vote” link, but it’s a big juxtaposition to go from such a goofy game to actual information.

So is Vote worth a download? Sure. It’s a fun enough time-waster, and it looks great. Just don’t expect anything other than a shallow, short-lived experience.